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Santa Cruz CA Online Reputation Management Services

When doing business on the Internet, it only takes a couple of poor reviews to damage your business and make it more difficult to acquire new customers. That’s why reputation management is so important. Our company specializes in repairing reputation issues, while building a stronger positive reputation that will result in trust and improved sales.




We serve local customers in the following locations: Oakland, San Jose, Aptos, Capitola, Boulder Creek, Ben Lomond, Scotts Valley, Monterey, Santa Cruz, Los Gatos, Soquel, San Francisco. We also serve customers from coast to coast as well as Alaska and Hawaii.


We understand exactly what it takes to create a positive reputation, and how to repair issues that you might believe are permanent problems for your company. With a bit of hard work, we can get you the positive reputation that you’ve always wanted.


Spot Potential Negative Press

You’ve probably already noticed a bit of negative press yourself, whether it’s a bad review, a negative comment or a full article detailing problems with yourself or your company, there is a problem that needs to be resolved. It’s our specialty to locate all this negative press, and to figure out how to fix it before it causes your company an issue. We’ll take a detailed look around the Internet at the most common locations for such press, we’ll identify it and create a detailed list of problems that need resolving.


Resolve Problem Areas

It’s not always an easy task to remove negative press and other harmful issues out on the Internet, but that doesn’t mean it’s impossible either. Through careful measures, we can often fix negative reviews through comments, cover up blemishes by adding in many additional positive reviews, and get damaging content removed from the Internet to improve your brand and your business efforts. Many times, these issues take time to resolve, but it’s worth the wait to go through the trouble of fixing these problems.


Create a Positive Image

Now that your negative issues have been resolved, it’s time for us to begin building up positive feedback across the Internet. By reaching out to past customers, creating helpful social interactions online, we can help you create a good name that customers are happy to associate with. IT will take some time before good word spreads around the Internet, but the results will certainly speak for themselves when it does.


We’ll evaluate local sites in the following areas, and we work to create positive images in more global sites as well:


What are you waiting for? Call us up and give your company a positive reputation that represents you properly.


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