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Common SEO Mistakes

Writing for a business website or personal blog needs to be taken care of in a way that not only offers high quality content but also includes the rights aspects to help you rank your site high enough to set it apart from others in the same industry. The goal should be rising to the top of search results whenever someone searches for what you offer. When using search engine optimization (SEO) there are a few things to take note of that are very common to make mistakes with when writing the content for a site and can actually cause complete failure when it comes to bringing in new traffic and gaining the right attention to build a business up to where it needs to be.


  1. Poorly written content. When you are writing for your website, or hire someone else to write on your behalf, the worst mistake you can make is to place SEO above the quality of the written word. If the content is poorly written, no one, including search engines, will care about the SEO placement or anything else that your site may hold within. All content should be 100% original and never plagiarized from another source. The content that you have on your site is going to be what engages your readers, brings them to the site and gets their attention. It should never be written just to include SEO.



  1. Stuffing Keywords. When it comes to using keywords in an article on a website, it is great to have a few. To use too many keywords however, can ruin a site entirely. No more than 2% of an article should use keywords at all. For instance, since a keyword can be a single word or even a phrase, you should target around 3-5 keywords per page, or for every 600 words or so in an article. Anything higher than that can cause the page to seem off or as if everything is crammed together just to get the keywords crammed into the content. Remember, keep the content high quality and the keywords should flow smoothly when using them.


  1. The Right Keywords. A huge mistake that many make is to use the wrong keywords altogether. Take some time and really think about the words that will grab attention and show people what your business is all about.



Another big mistake that people make is to use only one keyword per page. While this may seem like a great idea if your business focuses on one major product or service, it is a horrible mistake because it just will not help your site rank with Google nor will it be able to help you expand your audience. Using more keywords will allow you to pull in people that may not have noticed your business online previously and this opens up an entirely new way to gain clients. Never drag the quality of a site down just to get the keywords placed. Remember, again, it is quality over quantity no matter what.


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