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Increase The SEO Success of Your Blog

A blog can be a great tool for any business to gain recognition and start building larger profits. Having a blog on your website can assist with the following:

  • Showing your business skills
  • Proving you are a leader in your field
  • Brand awareness
  • Driving more traffic to your site
  • Generating leads
  • Engaging the local community
  • Generate social awareness
  • Attract links from other websites

While all of these are not only ways to show your skills and expertise as well as include excellent SEO opportunities, they also help optimize the business from the ground up for potential new clients. Some ways to ensure that your blog has the best web presence and that new readers are interested in it can include:

  • Using Pagination. Many blog pages on websites are jumbled together where one blog post after another simply scrolls up and down one single page. While this is simple for a web owner to do, it is annoying for readers that want to see each blog post as a separate article. One single page with 10 or even hundreds of blog posts scrolling one after the other takes a long time to load (consider working on your page speed) and this will push your website quite low when it comes to ranking with search engines. This holds true for all website content and not only blog entries. When you have a website, use the menu tab and separate your articles so they do not all scroll together on a single page.
  • Keep it Together. When you are posting a blog page, try to keep the posts separated into categories that are similar. For example, if you have a website that is focused on health and fitness, keep your food blogs under one menu heading and your fitness blogs under another. Try not to let things get jumbled together where readers have to spend time searching for things that interest them the most.
  • Use Categories. For any blog post, there needs to be a category that it belongs under. Using categories helps your readers to quickly find related links and posts that interest them the most and it keeps people coming back for more. Keep your categories to a minimum so you will not overwhelm those that come to your site.
  • Social Share. Use social share buttons to allow readers to share the content that they like with their social media friends and followers. This will help to increase your generic traffic and get far more people to your site than if you just posted a few links on your own.

The best way to make sure your blog gets the attention that you want it to have is going to be by hiring a quality SEO company. Hiring a company like Santa Cruz SEO to take care of your local Santa Cruz business website or blog page is going to mean the difference between simply setting up a website and having nothing happen and setting up a website and having many new clients suddenly burst through your doors because of the interesting content you have on your website.

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