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Santa Cruz CA Lead Generation Services

For most business owners, marketing is just a tool that’s dedicated to producing something much more valuable, a lead.




A lead, or an interested customer that considers making a purchase, is one of the most valuable things that a business website can produce, and it’s what we specialize in creating for our business clients that want to attract as many leads as they possibly can.


Lead Generating Keywords

Some keywords encourage people to visit a website to look for information and to leave, while other keywords encourage people to visit and then buy a service or call the company. We know that the second type is much more valuable than the first, which is why we focus on ranking websites for lead generating keywords specifically.


We’ll help identify all the best keywords for generating new business leads, then slowly help you rank for the most important of the keywords to create a long-term lead generation tool that will bring in customers for months or even years.


Social Media

There are few methods better for lead generation than social media, which is why we have an expert social media marketing team that focuses on developing the social accounts of all our business clients. Through careful social media cultivation, our team creates a professional image, and creates a place to instantly show off new services and specials that create large numbers of leads fast.


We’ll target customers in your general area that show an interest in your business and the services that you provide. Over time, we’ll build up your likes and create an engaging page that people regularly visit for information. That page will result in many leads that can generate substantial business profit over time.


Local Focus

Our services focus on very local communities, and we target the below areas specifically:


Santa Cruz • Scotts Valley • Aptos • Capitola • Soquel • Boulder Creek • Ben Lomond • Monterey • Los Gatos • San Jose • San Francisco • Oakland


What that means, is that if you live in any of the above areas, you can benefit from our services and that special local touch that we can offer to your business. Our local customers enjoy more precise web campaigns and leads from the local community that can convert at your actual place of business. We know the local area and we know how to get your website in front of the targeted traffic that you need as a business owner.


If you live in any of the below locations, we can generate leads for you effectively.


Give us a call today and you’ll find out just what we can do for your company.


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