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Santa Cruz CA Pay Per Click Management / PPC Services

Many businesses today rely on organic search engine optimization and ranking for keywords to attract new customers. While that is a good way to build up a following, and it’s a tool that most business owners should consider, it is a time-consuming process that won’t get customers coming to your business right away.




That’s why we offer a Pay Per Click management service that specializes in making the most out of a Pay Per Click or PPC campaign.


What is Pay Per Click?

Search engines like Google sell PPC ads that essentially give you a certain number of visitors over hours, days or weeks. You pay to have visitors for specific search phrases, and you only pay when they come to your website.


If you have a website that converts visitors into customers effectively, and the visitors pay more money than you spend on advertising, PPC could be an effective tool for your business going forward.


Choosing Local Search Terms

One of the most obvious ways to really make the most of PPC campaigns is to rely on search terms that are truly local. Include all of the local area city names in your search results to encourage local people to come to your website.


When we help manage PPC campaigns for business owners, one of the first things that we do is consider how we could focus down the keywords being used into a more local area. Through careful consideration we come up with a list of more effective terms that will bring in local visitors more effectively.


We help business owners in Santa Cruz, Oakland, Ben Lomond, Los Gatos, Aptos, Scotts Valley, Boulder Creek, San Francisco, Monterey, San Jose, Capitola, Soquel to boost their website traffic to increase profits. We can do the same for you no matter where your business is located.


Optimize Your Website

Making the most out of a PPC campaign isn’t just about setting up a campaign that brings in visitors affordably, it’s also about ensuring that those visitors turn into paying customers over time. We’ll look over your website and figure out what can be improved to encourage visitors to turn into customers during that first visit. We’ll spot any weak spots and make suggestions that you can use to get the results that you are looking for.


Stop searching for an ad service, or some other quick method to bring in visitors to your website if you live in one of the following locations:


Instead give us a call and find out how we can start sending visitors to your website today. You’ll be surprised at how effective a good PPC campaign can be, and how it can literally pay for itself in just a week or two when implemented properly.


We are always ready to help our customers and provide them the best