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Because link building is an important aspect of SEO, methods were created in the past to manipulate the search results. This led to the creation of black hat SEO.




While it was once possible to increase page rank using methods such as paid links and spam comments, these methods are no longer effective and can, in fact, get you penalized by search engines.


If you used these methods in the past, it’s possible that your site may have already been hit with penalties. We help our Bay Area clients in the following cities clean up mistakes on their websites and get them reinstated to search engine results:


This is no small task as it requires some effort to go through hundreds, sometimes thousands of links and determine which ones are helpful and which ones are harmful.


The Process of Penalty Removal

  • We conduct a link audit and provide in-depth link analysis for your website.
  • We create a list of negative and unnatural links.
  • We then begin the link removal process by contacting website owners to request removal of the links.
  • We document removals and requested removals for inclusion in Google reconsideration requests.
  • In the event that a website owner cannot be contacted or refuses to remove a link, we file disavow with Google to ensure the link is removed.
  • We send a reconsideration request asking that Google review your website again.


Keep in mind that the time it takes to complete this process will be determined by how many links are found.


If your business is in any of the following areas, and you’re not sure if your site has been hit with a penalty due to bad links or you just want better placement in search engine results, we can help you with our SEO auditing services:


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